As well as its own new build and refit projects, Rob Doyle Design and Ron Holland will continue their collaboration on future projects.

Ron Holland Design "It is natural for Rob to want to push forward with his own design career and projects. I have moved my centre of activity to Vancouver, Canada and this changes the way I work. Over the past 18 years we have worked together on some important projects and I have sincerely valued the input and skills that Rob has brought to each one of them. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with Rob on the projects that will carry the Ron Holland label and I also wish him all the best for the future of his own design firm and its projects." Ron Holland - Principal, Ron Holland Design

"To have had the opportunity to work as Ron Holland's lead designer over the past 18 years has been both a rare privilege and an eye opener as to what is possible. The experience I have gained and the lessons I have learnt make me want to explore more paths and develop further exciting projects myself as well as building on Ron's yacht design legacy." Rob Doyle - Principal, Rob Doyle Design